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graphics card:
geforce2 ti 64 meg ddr-ram (approx $135 works very well...there really isn't any point in getting geforce 3's unless u really wanna spend that extra amount and have a REALL EXPENSIVE graph card sit in ur computer...juz my opinion)

really doesn't matter...the sound blaster live! value is a good deal...audigy is just for show...(no offense to anyone i hope) ... if you have a full BOSE digital surround sound speaker system ($1500 or then get audigy (and don't get the external off)

CD burner:
Yamaha 20x10x40...awesome deal at best buy right now ($149 with $30 rebate) i jsut got that and it WHOOOPs bootey!

most are fine, just make sure its a 7200 rpm one

Processor (most controversial):
from personal experience...Athlons are fast, no kidding, those magazines don't lie, they are much faster than pentiums.
Pentiums are very athlons break down in a year, but i've had my pentium for 4 years and just got a p4. (this is just my experience...u are the decision maker)
athlon: fast, unstable
pentium: slower, very stable
An athlon 1.5 ghz can match the speed of a pentium 2 ghz, but think about it...have u tried to sense 500 mhz difference? can you even tell? lol...think about it man :p
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