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I'm about to buy a new computer, so I'd be very interested in hearing your advises/choices. My budget lies somewhere around 2000-2500 US dollars, excluding the monitor since I'm happy with the one I have right now.

Include everything because I'm starting from scratch...

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I would go for an Athlon XP system (although the P4 Northwoods are right around the corner). They're the best in price/performance ratio right now. Here are the basic components:

CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1900+ - $236
The 1900+ is the fastest right now, running at 1.6 Ghz. This processor surpasses the P4 2.0 Ghz in virtually every test. You might want to pair it with a good heatsink and fan though, it runs rather hot.

Motherboard: Asus A7V266-E - $130 approx.
This motherboard features the KT266A chipset, the best chipset for the Athlon XP CPU. Asus is a well renouned company and makes solid boards. If you must go for another manufacturer then make sure you get one with the KT266A chipset.

Memory: 256 MB PC2100 DDR RAM @ 266 Mhz - $51
Performs twice as fast as SDRAM. There is also PC2700 DDR RAM @ 333 Mhz ($67) but I don't know the availability of it.

Videocard: GeForce 3 Ti 500 - $285
This card will put a huge dent in your wallet but is currently the best performing 3D videocard you can get. Alternatively you can get a Radeon 8500 ($172) which is also a great performing card for its price.

Soundcard: Sound Blaster Live! Value 5.1 - $30 approx.
There isn't much competition in the soundcard market. Creative's cards have the largest software support and are perfect for gamers.

Hard Drive: X GB 7200 RPM, Ultra-100
The size and brand are up to you to decide. There's from 20 GB up to 120 GB

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition - $100 approx.
The latest version of Windows

The rest (CD/DVD ROMs, CD/DVD Recordable/Re-Writable, NICs, etc.) is up to you.

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If you need the PC system so bad, then :

- AVOID any Pentium 4

- Forget Northwood, when it released, the price just going to make you die ;)

- Get Athlon XP

- Get Geforce 2 Titanium/ any Geforce 3

- Forget ASUS mobo - too expensive, Get SOLTEK SL7DRV2 (best), MSI, and SOYO Dragon 2 (cool sound card!)

- get Audigy

- get Mushkins memory/crucial/Kingston/ whatever

- any Harddrive with 10,000 RPM :rolleyes:

- Office XP Pro Corp :cool:

- DSL/CABLE connection

- 21 inch monitor


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I'm probably settle with a line-up like this (read below), but I'll let you decide before I make the final decision.

Chieftec DA-01B-D Dragon FullTower Black (silent system)

AMD Athlon XP 1900 Palomino

Motherboard????? Need feedback here!! Which one of the following:
1. ASUS A7N266 nForce 5PCI 1AGP 3DDR-DIMM UDMA100
3. ASUS A7V266-E KT266A5PCI 1AGP 3DDR-DIMM AudioSocket A

CPU cooler??? Need feedback here!! Any good brands?

Video Card??? Which brand should I go with? Considering Hercules Prophet III Titanium 500 GeForce 3 64MB DVI TV...Again, feedback would be nice. Be as precise as you possible can.

Memory??? Is Original 512MB DDR PC2100 184pin 266MHz cas2.5 ok?

Harddrive???I'll probably go with Western Digital Caviar XL 100GB 7200rpm 2MB UDMA100 IDE, unless someone tells me what an idiot I am for making that choice...

Pioneer DVD-106S 16X DVD/40X CD Slot-In DMA

Plextor PX-W2410TA CD-RW 24x10x40 Burn Proof

Soundcard??? Which one of these should I go with?
1. Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum eX PCI
2. Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum PCI
3. Creative SoundBlaster Player PCI

...tired...this will have to least the main parts are covered in here

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graphics card:
geforce2 ti 64 meg ddr-ram (approx $135 works very well...there really isn't any point in getting geforce 3's unless u really wanna spend that extra amount and have a REALL EXPENSIVE graph card sit in ur computer...juz my opinion)

really doesn't matter...the sound blaster live! value is a good deal...audigy is just for show...(no offense to anyone i hope) ... if you have a full BOSE digital surround sound speaker system ($1500 or then get audigy (and don't get the external off)

CD burner:
Yamaha 20x10x40...awesome deal at best buy right now ($149 with $30 rebate) i jsut got that and it WHOOOPs bootey!

most are fine, just make sure its a 7200 rpm one

Processor (most controversial):
from personal experience...Athlons are fast, no kidding, those magazines don't lie, they are much faster than pentiums.
Pentiums are very athlons break down in a year, but i've had my pentium for 4 years and just got a p4. (this is just my experience...u are the decision maker)
athlon: fast, unstable
pentium: slower, very stable
An athlon 1.5 ghz can match the speed of a pentium 2 ghz, but think about it...have u tried to sense 500 mhz difference? can you even tell? lol...think about it man :p

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Originally posted by Neojag
I'm prolly biased, but i'd go for the AsusA7V266-E (thats the one i have). Very stable, awesome compaitibily and som nice goodies on the cd. Beside, i love Asus Probe :)
I agree with Neojag. Go with the mobo with a KT266A chipset. It's the best one today. Actually, most KT266A based cards are great, so you may choose any of them you prefer.

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If u wanna use Athlon XP i suggest that u're using Epox 8kha+ the most stable mobo out there and oc friendly too, and use Crucial DDR 256/512 with CL 2 (micron), and for the graphic card try Radeon8500 or Winfast GF3TI500 or elsa gladiac 920

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Stick with nVidia and the GeForce line of products for your graphics card. The ATI 8500 and it's "Truform" tech only messes up the game instead of improving them. With too many polygons lines that should end abruptly are curved making some scenes look very weird.

More Polygons don't necessarily make the GFX better
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