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About the moon in Pete 1.51 OGL plugin

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Hi Pete (&everybody wieving this tread)...
It's strange, I have A GeForce 2 MX(detonator 10.80)
And You said that all the Geforce can do the spécial blending,
But why I don't see the moon you talk about in the"read me"
The gpu ingame-menu will show a little 'moon' symbol, if the extension can be used.
Perhaps I don't know what you mean By "Gpu ingame-menu"

(I'm surely not the first one to say you that:
But Thanks For your great plugin)
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and for the moon-like's auto-detect and intends to increase the fps a bit..5-10 fps if i'm right..
You are right and wrong.
1.) yup, it is auto-detected
2.) no, it doesn't increase speed... some special blendings (fade out effects, shadows) will be correct, if it can be used with your card
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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