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About the moon in Pete 1.51 OGL plugin

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Hi Pete (&everybody wieving this tread)...
It's strange, I have A GeForce 2 MX(detonator 10.80)
And You said that all the Geforce can do the spécial blending,
But why I don't see the moon you talk about in the"read me"
The gpu ingame-menu will show a little 'moon' symbol, if the extension can be used.
Perhaps I don't know what you mean By "Gpu ingame-menu"

(I'm surely not the first one to say you that:
But Thanks For your great plugin)
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the in-game menu is ..during the DEL..and
u will see a menu display on the top left corner on ur displayed the fps..those configuration u made
inside the gpu plug-in..u may wanna adjust it with PgUp
and PgDown and press END to activate some config
to improve ur speed or some better perfomance..
and for the moon-like's auto-detect and intends
to increase the fps a bit..5-10 fps if i'm right..
maybe it's depends on the driver or speed accelerated
things..and it's shown on mine while i'm using driver 6.50
and direcrX7.0a..on my GForce2MX
Thanks pete for the correction:)now i got it:idea:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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