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hmm…I wanna ask this to whoever can and is willing to teach some newbies around…hehe..

1. can somebody write to me about epsxe’s special game fixes..?? I mean, example: remove blue glitches is dedicated to what games…not just games in brackets that come out with the epsxe…Catch what I mean? Maybe somebody found out that removing the blue glitches can make some games work and I want them to share it a little bit…don’t you mind? Hehe

2. what is the exact configuration for legend of the dragoon? No matter what I use, the menu on main screen (new game, continue and option) is unseen…and anybody here have finished legend of the dragoon? Is the problem on vgs and bleem appear on epsxe? (that is on disc 4) Well, actually I’ve seen this kinda posts on the past emuforums… but since the past posts have been deleted, I don’t know where to search....

3. thanks
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