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about shells

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Well Betamax, ure the Shell guy here, so plz tell me (or anyone else ;) )
if i wanna use a shell like litestep i can just download the zip, uncompresst it to a dir in the HD and edit sistem.ini right? i mean, in system.ini in front of shell put ex. C:\litestep\litestep.exe eh?
to get back to normal, its explorer.exe istn it?
and when i reboot it should be w/ the new shell...
am i right?

oh, and is there a good site to Dload Shells in zip files?
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If I remember correctly Talisman brings this option to you. I've used talisman and frankly speaking its way better of than litestep regarding the fact thats its easier to use and is a whole user friendly then litestep. If u have a problem registering it PM me and i'll help ;)
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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