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about shells

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Well Betamax, ure the Shell guy here, so plz tell me (or anyone else ;) )
if i wanna use a shell like litestep i can just download the zip, uncompresst it to a dir in the HD and edit sistem.ini right? i mean, in system.ini in front of shell put ex. C:\litestep\litestep.exe eh?
to get back to normal, its explorer.exe istn it?
and when i reboot it should be w/ the new shell...
am i right?

oh, and is there a good site to Dload Shells in zip files?
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Since when was I the shell guy? I though I was the resident movie critic:D

I use DesktopX like Asz. It's a LOT simplier to configure and as powerful (if not more) than litestep.

For litestep you are correct. Install it then edit the system.ini file to use it as you default shell. You may also have to edit the step.rc file in order to get a few modules etc running.

For desktopX check the load on startup option. As it is an shell extension more than a total replacement you can also keep the taskbar if you want.

The best site that I know of for shells is It carries skins for most popular mp3 players and shells.
Actually thats incredibly easy:p. Heres a screenshot:
If you want it to just use explorer by default switch off the load on startup option. If the hide explorer is not checked it will use both shells
If both are checked then windows just uses desktopX.

The config menu is accessible by right clickingon the tray icon.
erm that because they are a window blinds theme.;)

DesktopX and WindowBlinds are to components of Object desktop. The full pack has about 20 components. Each component does a different job. eg DesktopX is the shell, WindowsBlinds does the skinning, iconpackager changes the system icons etc...
sorry this is the commerical version.:(

The shareware version only has desktopX, Window Blinds, icon packager, skin studio, windowfx, control center, tweak shell. Weblinds should be added to that list by next week. (currently there's a new version every day)

Come to think of it that is most of the important ones:D

The only 2 missing there are convergence and object bar. Convergence being the important bit as it is a "super skin manager" which can skin all mp3 players, all object desktop components, mozilla, NS6.1 and litestep using 1 single theme!
Quite right. Each component is disablied in a different way, eg windowblinds stops skining menus.

You are also correct about the components. They can be activatred or deactivated as you like.
Oh no there a Load on starup option for each component:D. Setting these things up is like setting up plugins.

Limitations windowsblinds already mentioned.

DesktopX: Feratures disabled
Icon packager: cannot change all icons
WindowFX: stops working
Skin Studio: Dunno
Control center: Dunno
either that or you register it;)

ps the latest webblinds component v0.99i has the readme for v1.0 attached. This probably means that it will soon be released for the rest of the world:p (it enables you to fully skin ie 5/6).
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