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about shells

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Well Betamax, ure the Shell guy here, so plz tell me (or anyone else ;) )
if i wanna use a shell like litestep i can just download the zip, uncompresst it to a dir in the HD and edit sistem.ini right? i mean, in system.ini in front of shell put ex. C:\litestep\litestep.exe eh?
to get back to normal, its explorer.exe istn it?
and when i reboot it should be w/ the new shell...
am i right?

oh, and is there a good site to Dload Shells in zip files?
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uh, ok, thkx, but is there any place to Dload .zip shells?
nop m8, im talking about shells in general, not just litestep (Darkstep, Claud:9: and so on) and the place to Dload those shells ;)
gonna try that desktopX thingy, thkx :)
istn there a place where u can download only the files e/ no installation prog? id like to use shellON to change between shells and config it as the default shell, it'd be nicer...
yet about desktopX, is there a way to let u choose if u want to use it or the windows default shell when u boot?
Originally posted by Metalmurphy
Why don't u make a boot urself... i made one for liltestep. Just creat a BAT file and put autoexec running it. U know DOS commands don't u?
yup, i do, im still from the glorious DOS days ya know ;) :p

Beta, that thing looks damn good!!!!!! but those windows really look like a window blinds theme that comes w/ the prog ;)

uh oh, DX is 10MB :eek: :eek: :eek:
ah, no prob :)
oh... lol


can u tell me where do Dload the full pack? i really wanted to tweak my desktop, and that seams relly ideal :)

on, and if u deactive the stuff u said back, no of the components loads right? just plain-old-ugly-windows eh?
no prob dude :)
so, where to download the free version? er, it doesnt deactivates itself after a whyle right? it keeps running and the only limitations are the lack of some programs arent it?
oh, and what about the other question about deactivating all the components?
i was talking if u switch off the load on startup option, if it switchs off _all_ the components, cause i wanted it to do that :)

and what about the limitations of the shareware version?
oh my god, so much work... lolz

well, thx a lot for ur infos but i think ill DLoad every component separated and then config them as i wish :)

once again, thkx :)
kewl :)

what the last litestep version?
1 - 13 of 33 Posts
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