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About Kingdom Hearts (PAL)

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I saw the screenshots from the pcsx2 0.8 shots thread, and now I'm asking for an in-game save game for a PAL-UK version. I hope this isn't against the rules... if it is you can lock it up. Thanks in advance!
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Do you have a ps2 with codebreaker (or Action Replay) and an USB device?

If you have that you can pass any save-game from the ps2 to PCSX2 using these two programs: (I have include them for you) :eyemove:
PS2 Save Builder

First you have to insert the codebreaker (AR or another one) and copy the games in .cbs (.max .spo .xpo file format) to USB Device. Then you plug the USB Device into the PC and use PS2 Save Bulder like this (1st image), open the saved-game, then (2nd image) make a new folder with the name of the saved-game and extract the files to it (3rd image).

After that open nero(or any program to make an ISO image)and make a new iso with the folder using image recorder (4th and 5th images)

Then open PCSX2 with a game that can format a memcard (like chaos legion or pro evolution Soccer 4) and format it (you can also do it from the BIOS).
Reboot PCSX2, and put this (6th,7th image) in options and this in CPU opyions (8th image).
Then press "Open Elf File" in the emu and select BOOT.elf that is in LaunchELF folder (first extract the compressed files in "").
When the emu is loaded press these bottons:
SELECT,CIRCLE,5 times DOWN,CIRCLE,DOWN,CIRCLE,2 times UP,CIRCLE,DOWN,CIRCLE,3 times DOWN,CIRCLE,L1,DOWN to the name of the savegame you want to copy,R1,CIRCLE,TRIANGLE,3 times UP,CIRCLE,R1,CIRCLE. It's easy you only have to copy and paste the data.
Wait a little until the data is copyed and close and open the emu, now you have the KH savegame into the memcard of PCSX2. :thumb:

Enjoy the shots you'll take. :heh:

NOTE: This process is the same for all savegames you want to import to PCSX2.
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hi, TWave~

I have success to copy My FFX-NPO-SaveFile to memcard by FileBrowser(, but PS2 BIOS MEMCARD Browser always get 'Corrupted Data' rather than FFX ICON.

I Notice it alway show UPCAST(such as ICON.SYS, 01090601.ICO) in FileBrowser, will this cause copying action incorrect?

Really need your help~
ei twave...i hve downloaded a DMC .cbs file from cmgsccc so i think i don't need CodeBreaker right!? i followed this guide step by step but when i got to the button pressing part but nothing happens...i used the plugins needed...did i do something wrong!? help pls...tnx!!
Be sure you are in interpreter mode. And load the emu with "Open ELF File" and then select boot.elf. If you load it with Run CD it wont work.

And, yes. You can use the saves in .cbs you have downloaded from cmgsccc.
yes i used interpreter and i opened it using open elf...i load the Boot.elf then wat should i do next!? i read the steps you made but not working for me...wat should i do about the .cbs i downloaded in cmgsccc???
ei Twave i finally got bad...tnx for the guide it really helped...

More power to PCSX2 team!
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