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>Ps if anyone figures out how to get it to run on a proxy let me
Though I'm sure you've already investigated it, did you try setting up your options in Options->Proxy Settings?

Regardless, I like AG too, it's infinitely better than Napster (for me, at least). What I could never fathom about everyone's love affair with Nap was the interface. While it might just have been my setup, it always seemed like the client was bombing out on me or (my personal favorite) it'd just freeze in the background and nothing (not even the three fingered salute) would get rid of the thing. AG, however, is considerably better.

Please don't get me wrong, as I was once a Napster user and I liked all the services it provided, but its crash-prone nature was simply intolerable.

>[snip, things about iDrive]
Be *very* cautious trusting important files to any sort of online storage service. As their capital dries up so too does the company. If I'm not mistaken MySpace either went out of business or changed the nature of their services. Caveat emptor.
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