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yep, just rightclick on the icon in the taskbar, go to virtual CD/dvd drive, and set choose set number of virtual devices.

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You mean, ISO file and CD Audio files?
I don't know. I tried a short while ago but it kept being a hassle.

I ended up just burning the disc, then making an image,
but there should be away where you don't have to waste a cd-r

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try nero.
create a iso by building an cd-extra, its the one with both files and audio tracks...

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Samor said:
I my case, daemon kept (after performing the tedious job of converting mp3's to wav) insisting that PCM Wave files aren't proper ones.
I know CUE works with Alcohol 120% beucase I used it in the past, and AFAIK it uses the same codebase as Daemon Tools for the CD-ROM emulation (same developers).

IIRC, you need to use WAV files with a header. Maybe this is the problem?

And, FYI, WinLAME can batch-convert MP3 files to WAV. :p

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