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About CDR-W, direct-cd and audio cd´s- formating

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i got a creative 8432, and i want to burn audio to cdrw cd´s
but my cousin used direct-cd on it, and now the cd is up only to 535Mb
how do i format and what software should i use??
PS: i already have nero 5, which came with the recorder
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Well you don't need to format it. Direct-cd and in-cd (neros equivalent) are special program that let you use the cdrw like a floppy disk. However this is limited to data files. If you mean mp3s then thats ok but if you looking to make proper music cds then I'd recommend that you use nero's wizard (as you are a beginner).

Ps As you are making audio cds I'd better warn you that unless the hifi specifically sdays that it supports cdrw playback you won't be able to lisen to your disk in the hifi.
thanks for teh info, but im no newbie.
I used cdr back in 99, but never care for cdr-w
i also got easy cd creator 4, which came with my older cdr
so, if i want to make audio cd with a cdr-w already used with direct-cd, should i format it??
To format your RW and get rid of the UDF format Direct CD and IN-CD makes goto almost any burning program and do a FULL erase. (in EZ CD Creator goto CD> Erase CD)
Originally posted by Mad
thanks for teh info, but im no newbie.
I got that impression from the way that your post waqs worded sorry:emb:
sorry, i didnt mean to be rude
i ve helped a lot
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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