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About BIOS

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hello my firends

i want to know what is a bios file ?

and what it do ?

i dont ask where can i download it . bout i ask how can i found it ?

on the web ? or PS2

when i run PCSX2 it say unable to run bios file . PCSX2 can't run without that

Thanks . and excuse me for my bad english :yawn:
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yup without bios file PCSX2 won't run, PS2 bios is responsible for simmilar things (I think the word 'same' doesn't match here to good ;) ) that your PC bios is.

I don't know if I understod your question right... but you can dump bios from your ps2 console, and that's the only legal solution... don't ask where you can download it... also read RULES, it can help you very much, and if you read those your chances to piss of mods and admins will be smaller ;).

welcome to the forum :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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