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about Avatars...

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I wonder how can I use my own customized pic (such as gif, jpg etc). I've tried that "Use custom avatar" option and then browse, and select my own pict...but when I saw, there was empty! in other word, my picture wasn't there...and what websites that provides those small pictures? and for guys that made their own avatars, what software did u use? can you tell me?
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what's microsoft image composer?
where can I download it?
>what software did u use
I used Paint Shop Pro 7 from Jasc. It's commercial software. There are freeware image programs out there that'll do conversions and resizes. The Gimp comes to mind.
I think you have to buy it seprately from office... It came with my FrontPage 2000....
well, i used nester (a NES emu) and the print screen button to take two still shots.

i then edited them in paint shop pro 7 trial to remove all but the black mage.

i then combined the two gifs in animation shop (came with the trial of paintshop)

just remember the limits to the avatars ar 65x65 pixels
and there is a file size limit but i dont know that off hand
Are there any free programs that let you make custom .gif files? Please provide a link if you can be bothered to.
well, if you dont want an animated gif, MS paint comes to mind
the best part is that you already have it instaled on a windows system its in the start menu under accessories

it is extremely basic and very limited to what it can do though

no other program comes to mind except The Gump that some one else mentioned
i have never heard of it till now but its worth a shot
>no other program comes to mind except The Gump that some
>one else mentioned
"GIMP"; The GNU Image Manip. Program

I haven't used the Windows version, but the one for Linux runs really well.
hm...I've tried several softwares but till now, only Ulead GIF Animator gives me a little satisfaction but there are too few special effects... Adair, I've heard of 3D GIF Designer... try to find it at:, If you can't find one, please inform me, I will attach the zip files (if it isn't too big in size...)

cluthu, where can I find those small images? do you know?
>cluthu, where can I find those small images? do you know?

If you're speaking of resizing in The Gimp, check out the instructions listed on the following page:
You need make your avatar size to 65*65...................
Anyway I using photoshop to do any my graphic job
me too
i use photoshop 5.5 & Image ready (4 the animated gifs)
oops. I forgot to check back on this thread. Thanks for the links. I'll try them soon.
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