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about an ePSXe FAQ

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I reckon a FAQ should be made, giving solutions to common problems, and stickied. It should also have configs for several common plugins (ogl+ogl2) for several v common problematic games, ie, final fantasies/mgs/chrono cross.

If anyone would like to do this, that would be great. Or even better, team up with me (preferable with (a) regular solution poster(s)), go on MSN, spend 30 mins or so, I type out or whatever+send over drafts via TXT files, until it is good enough, then post. I don't feel I'm good enough by myself.

I feel it's necessary to do this. Many problems are the same, or are very silly ones. I think it would help a lot.
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Well that's what my site is supposed to be about, but I'm a lazy feck and I haven't updated it in an age.
Yar, I're site helped me out too

But I'm talking about a faq that gives common solutions:
create image/iso
try using epsxe 1.5.2/psxeven
cd scratched/bad image, get a new one, or post save and request someone to get past crash point and send it back
update to newest plugins
use a suitable plugin (eg not opengl2 for a super crap gfx card)
change ogl2 int x res to 1, not all cards support it

you know, the usual crap.

but on second thought...i'm not sure if i have the motivation to make the faq anymore, i was just in a weird mood, but i still might...who knows (if someone offers help)
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-there's a thread already about making ISOs
-i made a thread and (IIRC) stickied it about using ePSXe
-if someone cant get past a point and needs someone to load their memcard, it;s ok to make a new thread for it
-it's not hard to look for the updates for new plugins at
-ePSXe itself states what plugins are suitable, perhaps it should now be upgraded to include OGL2 :p

for MOST games and MOST systems, the "nice" preset does well. for OGL, Kane offers some good crap. for OGL2, i've posted about 4 games that need special configs (FF7, 8, 9, MGS). there are a lot of stupid questions, yes, but i guess those are the ones you need to answer. if you make an FAQ too huge, it will become a ***** to sort through and impossible. if you try to make ONE generic thread it will become a mess (chrono cross/1.6.0 thread for a great example of that).

besides that, n00bs never read FAQs or use seach functions or any of that.
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ok, but how about changing the name of the sticky on the problems with games, coz it also helps with xenogears, ff7, ff8, dunno, 1-2 others in specific, and has a good general settings and faq.
well, it's a good idea in theory. but, n00bs never read stickies. it's just a known fact. furthermore, even if i want people to use ePSXe 1.5.2 for a bunch of games, it's no use putting a sticky that says that, because once it gets to the point where people have to actually read, then they're screwed. it's really a run-around thing.

HOWEVER i admitted it was a good idea didnt i? Flare85 is offering free hosting for websites. i got the idea from this to make a website with Lord Kane's configs, my configs, and then have people submit their original knowledge and put it into categories. i've seen PSX configuration websites; they blow. they are usually BS configs that pretty much seem like someone used random settings, said "hey this works!" and posted it on the internet. we have some real talent on PSX emulation around here....if i could get a (nonlazy) webdesigner, we could get something going. i have ideas, settings, screenshots, and all kinds of crap for almost every game out there, and if there's something i dont have, i can get the game and figure it out.
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Why don't you ask me to help. I'm really a littel out of touch of the scene, but if you give me the details of what you want in the post, I can upload the images and set it out for ya.
hushypushy said:
if i could get a (nonlazy) webdesigner
If neither of you have done so within 2 months, ask me. I don't mind doing something for free once in a while, and I'll have a lot more free time on my hands by then.

And no, none of it will be spent on UT, hushy. ;p
heh, well. this is what i want (i've had this laid out for months).

-basic setup guides ( i mean BASIC. for the utter n00b). how to turn on ePSXe and put it together. this is where it says, it's recommend that you make an ISO which links to....well scroll donw for a second.
-generic config guide, possibly included with the above. basically it needs to say what plugins for what card and what settings to generally use (Nice preset :p )
-the ISO making config.,
-advanced config guide. this has been taken care of by Lord Kane with his site, and by me and a few others with OGL and OGL2, respectively. perhaps someone could chip in their 2 cents about Lewpy's plugins. also, i have some thoughts on CD plugins and sound plugins also.

this would all be organized by game. example: THE FF9 PAGE. it contains my OGL2 config/sound/CD and Kane's OGL config. it also states to use ePSXe 1.5.2 for best results.

and that would go on. it explains for games not listed, you can probably get off with default/nice settings.

then i'd like a generic "things to check for" type deal. are you using save states? playing off CD or ISO? did you make the ISO correctly? is your disc scratched? does it work on the regular PSX? is it in the Known Bugs list (we'd make one of these also)? you know, troubleshooting tips.

anyone who has seen my OGL2 configs page knows that i'm up to spend time working on PSX emulation. i'm not messing around. i know what has to be done, and we have a ton of talented people towards PSX emulation around here, so i think it canbe done. the actual PSX part is done. Kane, myself, n_w95482, fireblaster_lyz, I-Chan, even dutchMasta and more are stepping up to the plate. we just need someone who can make websites and will bow to my every whim :evil: :p
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Well can't we just work it from the site Pyro made for me, I mean it's not like it's gonna be doin anything else, and I'm more than happy to provide you access. Without outside input, my site is simply stagnating anyway.
your site is great and has plenty of great just needs some things to be added and more organization to be put in place.
I got BASIC and GENERIC along with Lewpy's ready. SPECIAL FIXES for specific games, anyone? (i only got hand in command-line switches)

EDIT: I got knowledge in HTML, maybe in web design?

2nd EDIT: Something to add - How about the Linux operating system? I can install and run it on one of my PCs, but I think there are tutorials ALREADY existing in the forums.

3rd EDIT: Compatility Issues with ePSXe...should be updated. Kinda messy and requires redrafting. I am ready to do that....
Ok, seems like we can get something going (adding to+sorting kane-sama's site), I can help out with OGL2, and OGL configs, for a lot of PSX rpg's, as that's all I got, but they should be the more popular ones I'm guessing, as they are harder to config (usually). Screenshots I can post too.

I had a problems with FF8 though, I found many almost perfect configs, but they all have 1 small annoying problem (the world battle transition problem). Ah well...

Anyone know how to get in contact with Pete? I wanted to ask him if he could add a 960x720 resolution to his full screen resolutions for the many people who want have 1024x768 screens (multiples of 320x240 look best right?). Also, if it's not too hard, a ff8 transition special fix. The e-mail he posted on his site is wrong, and boards didn't work last I tried.

EDIT: boards seem to work now, just pretty slow
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Uhh..... IIRC in OpenGL, the resses are defined by what the driver says the card is capable of. For nVidia cards I know it's quite a simple case of adding the new res.
Hey, this is a great idea. Anything i can help, just ask me. If there's any problem in using Kane's site, i'll gladly arrange a webpage with your input. In fact, it happens to me as to hushy, i've had the idea of making an sticky with common configs and such for long, but who reads stickies? :rolleyes:
Shouldn't we get started?
we did, a little bit :p Kane and i talked on MSN for a bit, he made me admin on his forums. i posted some ideas in the admin forum, now just gotta wait for him to get back to's quite hard for him and i to talk on instant messenger, since he's like 8 hours ahead of me, and im busy here from 7AM to 6PM, every weekday.
oO! Didn't notice that. The New posts must not show the admin forum. That's wierd.
I can't believe it.....time differences....when Kane-Sama is about 10.54pm here...I wonder whats the timing on your side?
Please, try to keep on topic.If you are curious about it, you can use the pm feature.
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