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about a GIRL,.,,

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Well, I don’t know if I can (allowed) this to be posted here but since I spent my time on this board more than I spent my time with my friends, and here, on my neighborhood, I only trust a friend (a 20-21 girl and she has had a boyfriend) guess I need a hand from you guys bout my problem:

It’s about my former (first and last (I guess)) girlfriend. Let’s initialized her as L. I’ve been with her about 4 years. And now, of course, we’ve broke up… Recently, I heard some of my friends said that she has turned becoming a materialistic girl. I can’t believe it of course and I called her (Last Friday). L sounded surprised, since we haven’t contacted each other for another 4 years. And what I don’t get is: the next day, I called her back and GUESS WHAT… I KNEW…I REALLY KNEW it was she that picked up the phone (she lives in the house with her brother and her parents, who could’ve answered the phone?) But she said, “Wait a minute, please”
And his mom picked up the phone and she said that L hasn’t back from a dentist. (Strange, I’ve heard this reasons many years ago…hmm). So, I waited till 9 PM and called her back.. Same things happened.

Afterward, I messaged her through her Hand phone. I wrote, “Why did u avoid me V? I just wanna be ur friend nothing more nothing less. Guessed it’s even not possible for me. Bye”
And I never received any messages from her till now… My friend (the girl that I mentioned before), I’ll initialized her as T. T said that I must forget her. She is not for me, bla bla bla. But I just can’t forget her. Everytime I wanna go to bed, I just always think about her, her voice, her cute, funky attitude…Damn hell. How in the world can I forget her? PLUS, Now, she has a BOYFRIEND. And, she’s getting closer to her birthday (July 1st). Any suggestion on what should I do? I’m rather confused and I’m having my final term examination and I can’t concentrate on my study…**sigh**…thank you for reading (if anyone read..)
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Well,from what you told us,that girl just doesn't want to have anything to do with you anymore,so,sorry but you just have to give up(what did you do to her?Why does she avoid you like that?).
wow...I just dunno what have I done too....but hey Raziel, thanks for the advice, I really appreciate that. But as I told you, seems that I couldn't forget her...At least I'm not ready for that...(Means that there are more people that told me to forget her...) **sigh** any other suggestion? anyway, thanks again, raziel...
Time heals man,time heals....

And I'll take something directly from your sig:"What matter is now,right now and what lies ahead".
well it sounds like L isnt very nice of a person if she cant forgive you for what you may or may not have done. Women are strange in that little things upset them and its usually something us guys did without thinking. Also, you just have to let go. If i read right, L was your first girlfreind?

those are the toughest to give up.

just stick with it and you'll pull through.
Been there, done that...
My advice:
Maybe you are expecting us to say what you really want to hear... go to her house and don't move until you get a chance to talk to her and clear things out....
As you can see all that replyed to your message gave some 'quitter' ideas, i guess that's also as you feel...
As i said, i have been in the same situation, and now it seems like those times and feelings were all useless, you know, now this may seem a bit of ' help !! the world is comming to an end ' perspective to you , and it is very dificult to see the future ahead, as you not being bothered with this, but i too have to give a somewhat 'just leave all behind' idea like all the others....or you could go with that first idea there....but that would eventualy give the idea of pervert to some people..... i guess you have seen many movies (i know life isn't like the movies, although you wish it could be, right now), so just leave it all behind.....
My advice.. and a rule i have followed thru event he worst and the best situations.... Never get back with a girl at all costs... Just dont... and if you go buy that rule, and make yourself belive in it, then any x's that you might have on your mind will disapear...

Anyways, with that being said, i asked my wife about this because when she first met me, i was with another girl... We had been together for about 2 years, and friends for about 6... Anyways, she says just be friends and allways be there, because unless she plans on getting married, your second chance will come around... it just might take a while... oh yes, one more thing... DONT STALK OR HARASS.. thats like shooting yourself in the foot...

But i belive that my adivice is better than hers...:smash:
according to me L has become more than a girlfriend to you.more you try to forget her more she will come into your according to me it's not a good idea to forget her.if you really love her than you should try to convince her.i don't say 'beg her for her friendship'.but you should try something.i suggest that on her birthday you should give her a gift that reminds her of your friendship.and don't forget to give her red roses.well that is my suggestion.but there is one thing,in these cases one should only obey his or her heart.because we can only guess your feelings.but cannot see your obey your heart.ask it what does it want.and do what it wants to do.
my english is not much good,but i hope i have written correctly and you understand me.
you should try at once.don't lose so other words never surrender.
Raziel >>> haha...that's what I quoted from some articles...maybe that's just what's right for me now...and time heals? hmm...don't think so (sorry if I disagree with that) coz it's been 4 years man!...and I can forget anything that happened to me in those 4 years...except her of course :(

campaign >>> yeah its true that she was my first and now she has becoming my first girl in my life that turned me down harshly...:(

Don't Stalk? hmmm I dont get it. If I didn't stalk, how in the world can I get any girlfriend? :confused:

And about the idea to go to her house, never think that it'll succeed..If her mom is willing to help her to avoid me by phone, then when I arrive at her house, maybe they'll threw me with a bunch of garbage...

anyway, BIG THANKS to guys who reply this post...thank you very know what? maybe I should forget bout her...maybe my friend was right afterall.. she is not for me...not in this world...although I still kept her photo under my pillow haha ;)and Now I just hafta concentrate bout my final term exam...again, thanks guys
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never surrender, sorry but I haven't read your post when I wrote my post...

Maybe I can't forget her but If I keep reminding myself about her, then my future will be ashes..I'll keep thinking, etc etc etc I must go on right? (yeah right I've seen too many movies) And I guess nobody on her family is supporting me. Neither her friends...and guess what? I've spent my time when I chased her (know what I mean?), when I struggle to make her mine...It's 2 years I've spent... and she becomes my GF for 4 years and then in last 4 years, I lost contact, never forget bout her and it's already 10 years of my life...**sigh** Now I must struggle again? ugh..tough work. Maybe I just send a rose or a present to her mom and tell her to give it to my ex (since she doesn't want to meet me...) Anyway, bright idea, neversurrender thank you

PS: Your english is not very bad at all. Better than my english.
Women come and women go. They are as flighty as the breeze, as predictable as a raging bull. People change over time. Console yourself to the fact that if you keep looking, you are bound to find someone else. If nothing else, put into perspective the fact that some people may be in a worse position.
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