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Well, I've been playing Abe's Exoddus and I reach the part where you have to insert the second disc. I click Eject CD and then I insert disc 2. It checks the disc and says it's the wrong one. I booted up the second disc from the start and when I try to start a new game it says insert disc 1, so the game seems to be fine. I'm assuming it's something simple I can't seem to figure out sense no one else seems to be asking about it.

PS - After I tried booting from disc 2 and it tells me to insert 1, I tried inserting disc 1 and it still said wrong disc.

Edit - Nvm I fixed it, turns out disc 1 was a European version of some kind and Disc 2 was an American one. I just downloaded disc 2 European version and it worked fine.
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