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For those having continued issues with XEBRA, I have a few notices for you:

1. XEBRA is finicky when it comes to identifying controllers via an adapter. Some adapters work, others don't. The culprits that got the shaft seem to be those adapters which allow multiple controllers to be plugged into one USB socket. Some possible workarounds:
  • If you've got a more up-to-date operating system (Windows Vista or later), try running your compatibility wizard (Right-click program > Properties > Compatibility tab > "Help me choose the settings"), it should set your compatibility mode to Windows 2000 or something. Once the compatibility change is made, attempt to configure your gamepad, then save the config and close XEBRA. Next, head back to XEBRA's Properties and uncheck compatibility mode to turn it off. Continue running XEBRA as normal after that.
  • Use a gamepad that connects directly to your USB port to configure Controller 1, then save that configuration and close XEBRA. Unplug your USB plugged-in gamepad and plug your adapter into the same spot. Run XEBRA.
*NOTE*: button setups, while the same according to XEBRA, are not the same for every gamepad. A Logitech Dual Action Pro's 4 button is not the same as the /\ button on a PS2 controller plugged into an adapter. Be sure to test your buttons and note the differences in this case so that your dummy USB gamepad sets up the buttons the way you want to use them on your preferred gamepad.​

2. XEBRA is super accurate when it comes to controller compatibility. Remember, some PS1 games didn't recognized the analog controller and/or virtual dualshock controller. I believe all games should recognized the digital controller. A quick word on this: if you cannot get analog controls to work via direct control (i.e. no software "tricks" like joy2key) on your gamepad, change your controller type.

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Click on the drop-down option below your controller number and switch types. Check to see if the game responds to your analog controls after that. If you cannot bear to use a d-pad for PS1 games that were not compatible with analog controls, then you WILL need a software workaround.

* Final Note: XEBRA seems to be less finicky for gamepads which are directly plugged into a USB slot, so that may be your safest bet. Also, I would avoid using a controller plugged into a USB 3.0 slot; the only way I've gotten that to work is to use the Compatibility Mode workaround.
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