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Hi, I know it's rude to register for just one question, but it's been bothering me for a while. I hope I'm not bothering any of you too much by asking this.

I normally use VBA as my GBA emulator of choice (who doesn't?), and was up to ver. 1.7.2, until my laptop system had a mainboard breakdown and I sent it to tech support. Everything was fine and dandy and it was super fast. Then....I got my computer back with a new mainboard, with things supposedly being unchanged (as far as the tech crew was willing to tell me, anyway)

And suddenly VBA was very choppy. With my old settings, it's nigh impossible to play something without the patience of Job and the sound turned off (blips and blops abound). Setting things to 1x does help and scaling up frameskip helps with the playing speed, but the sound is still....uh. The problem gets a bit alleviate with switching back to V. 1.4 and setting frameskip to 4, which helped it to reach the degree of playspeed it once has, though far from being as pretty, but if I still play CGA games on my computer, then I can live with that.

But I'm still wondering....what could've caused this? Nothing's changed in my computer as far as I know, all the other programs still run at the same speed (as far as I noticed, anyway) except VBA. I want to reverse the change if it's possible, but...well.

If it helps, here's my specs.

(Toshiba M30 Unit)
Intel 1.6 GHz - the modified Centrino one
256 Mb RAM
Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 Go 64 Mb
Uhhh....a default sound system that comes with the rig, Sigmatel, IIRC. It didn't have a problem before, though.
10 Gb free space out of 60, defragged.

Old settings before compy broke

Frameskip = 1....I think it's 1. It's definitely either 1 or 0.
Video = 2x
Sound = 44 Khz
Priority = Highest
Filter = hq2x

Current settings (v. 1.4)

Frameskip = 4
Video = 2x
Sound = 44Khz
Priority = Normal
Filter = Super 2XSai (it's better for peering at blurry kanjis, I play mostly imports)

Thank you for your time, and I'm really sorry for intruding. T_T

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Hmm....I don't think I've updated my drivers in the first place, or if I did, it was sometime ago.... (I always meant to, but I always forgot to. Yes, I'm stupid), but I'll try that as soon as I possible.Thank you very much for the suggestion. T_T

(Any other ideas in case it doesn't work?)

......the current drivers are dated 2003. Holy cow.

EDIT : No, it doesn't work....

CPU emulation speed are always around 30-40, sometimes dipping below 30. It's not the graphics driver, and the last time I updated my sound drivers, never. It used to work just fine then. This is odd.

And I don't know if it's related, but fast forwarding no longer works.
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