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A totally new website of mine

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Well, I guess atlast I have been able to make something toleratble, many of you might remember that I made a site named, ALIs-WORLD, which sucked. Now I made a new one which is called ALIs-WEB. It is not complete yet, can you guys please check and tell me how is the main layout.

Leave your comments here or on the forum that I made.
see the url below

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What I want to do is to activate this script of boards by myself........but one thing that I don't know is that what is chmod......I do I set the chmod permissions.....cause usually the servers are using Unix/Linux.....! and i am just a big losser in them........!
a simple syntax is:
chmod attribute file

if you're familiar with the dos command "attrib" its a little bit similar..
e.g. for example if you want to set the r+w+x (read + write + execute) for the user (owner of the file), you would do "chmod u+rwx file",if you're the owner then just do a "chmod +rwx file", if you wan't to set user+group+other attributes at the same time do sumthing like "chmod a+rwx file" or "chmod 777 file",
the 777 (octal) means set all attribute bit flags on.. i.e. 111111111 on binary.. i hope it helps a bit..
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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