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Forgot this place existed
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I wanted to search a bit for more "haunted" stuff on PC harware on ebay, just felt on that one :

auction said:
Here we have a creative labs 5.1 PCI audio card :)

There is much to say about this card and anyone looking to buy one already know what it is so I will go on no further Although I could go on to say that this card was touched by the lord ! Or I could say I had this card in my pocket and it saved my from a bullet wound while I was at the bank !Or maybe its haunted ? and this card keeps me awake all night making creepy noises at me and pretending to be my dead cat fluffy from when I was 7:) or maybe this card can tell the future and can tell what crazy thing the american president is going to do next (perhaps take candy from a baby ?) Or my personal favorite its actually a grill cheese sandwich shaped like the virgin marry :) (the pictures do it no justice)
that guy acts weird too :p

EDIT: found a "haunted" auction from him :p

-first, a haunted laptop that isn't really
(from the feedback -> "Great Ebayer! Item was better than described! (not haunted) Buyer jfast88 ( 5 ) "
-next, a haunted SB Live! card...
...what's next?

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that's a canadian for you
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