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A simple question

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hey everyone

i read the rules before posting this, and i understand the consequences if i go out of topic, bostimon.
anyway let me get straight to topic
in pcsx2>config>cpu, theres something called features? what are these features? are these features, features from the computer or from files that you have or does it come from dumping of the bios and extracting it or how??

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The features are simply the instruction extensions your processor is capable of handling.

For example if you have an Athlon XP it will list


as they are the extentions the Athlon XP has. its these that determine if you can use VURec and Recompiler or just Interpreter.
Yep ive included that in the configuration guide already...
And Otrivin try typing my nick properly once :D :p
hehe, i didnt notice i have been getting your nick wrong. sorry man!! ok let me try Bostiman...........yeah i can do fine. THANKS
:lol: lol, you got it wrong again, it`s Bositman, think of it as Bos-it-man and you`ll eventualy remember it. (or how about just calling him Sephiroth lol :lol: ).Ahem...
okok i get da joke... but dis thread woz not for dat nyway.

i got another question to the guys...
does these features affect the pcsx2 besides being able to get to different modes allocated there?

i only got MMX, SSE, SSE2.. what are they for. what i mean is what do they stand for?
Its simple,
\ -->Interpreter (slow)
MMX -->Interpreter, Recompiler (faster)
MMX,SSE -->Interpreter, Recompiler (a little bit faster than MMX only)
MMX,SSE,SSE2-->Interpreter, Recompiler, Recompiler+VuRec (the fastest setting)

At the moment all P4 have MMX,SSE,SSE2. I think the AMD's too.

If you have an AMD that has the 3DNow or 3DNow2 instructions better, but I think the aren't implemented yet in the emu...
MMX: Multimedia Extensions
SSE: Streaming SIMD Extensions
SIMD: Single Instruction Multiple Data
ok thanks again guys, i'll ask another question soon enough....

about that question....

i tried out the different modes

when i used interpreter mode - i get a whole bunch of frames and see alotta things

using the next mode - i get faster speed but not so many objects

the last mode - i get the highest speed from the three options but see only a very few things that i see in the other two modes.

anyone got an explanation for that?
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*sigh* why doesnt anyone read my guide...
The answer is in there,take your time and look for it
I've read it bositman :p , as for your question Otrivin, it's because the first setting (interpreter is the most compatible, but also the slowest. Thus being more compatible, it will show more things as they are interpreted (hence the name). Recompiler tends to cut a few corners so to speak, by sacrificing certain features in the favor of a higher framerate (thus making it less compatible). There's alot more in-depth info n this, may I suggest checking out the guide? You can find it on the home page of this forum, as well as on PCSX2's site. As a matter of fact, here you go: Bositman's PCSX2 configuration guide
Kane said:
MMX: Multimedia Extensions
SSE: Streaming SIMD Extensions
SIMD: Single Instruction Multiple Data
Actually MMX is an acronym for Matrix Manipulation eXtensions, (Originally it stood for Matrix Math eXtensions) (even before that it was just a meaningless initialism trademarked by Intel.)

But most people think it stands for MultiMedia eXtensions, however that is incorrect.

Sadly (for me) MMX optimizations will be completely useless in a 64-bit program /operating system.

(The same is true for all x86 optimizations)
does anybody tried to run Devil May Cry 1??? i really3 want to play that game in the emulator... but when i select new game it kept on loading but nothing happened...i managed to make it work once but the graphics are all bummed up...did anyone here play some games w/o using a save game? i mean...made it load to the menu and then select new game then go ingame!??
Yeah, you can check out this link. It tells you how to do just that.
Damn ive had enough of your stupid off-topic questions..even after ive told you to read the rules you come back and break them again.First warning for you
ok.ok. sorry bostiman, i see that you have added that bit to the configuration, but whoa!! i last checked the configurations on last years October or was it September????? ok... i'll try to keep upto date... and thnx for all the information everyone... and PCSX2 team, keep it up. bye

so now you're really joking about bositman's nick
because you still dont type it correctly

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