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A Simple Question

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Ok here is the deal,
i am a student of computer sciences and am likely to major in Software engineering (well for those of you who dont know dont ask)
well my question is that ever since i was 11 i was all into the emulation buisness,
but as i started to grow up i learned more and more about the complex and not so complex architecture of Emulaters,
3 or 4 yrs ago i thought that No$gba was written in assembly language but now if i think about it i am not really sure because for the assembly language you need to have a solid understanding of the system and is hell of a task to learn(been there havent done that).

Now my simple Question is
No$gba is written in which language?
I have guess that it is written in turbo pascal (just cuz i saw " Interpreter for Infocom Adventure Data Files (turbo pascal) ") on martin`s website..
hoping for a reply....
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Look if you can't figure it out with your education and experiene, and there is no source code so how do you expect someone else to know what language it's written in.

I do hope you aren't using the knowledge of the programming language in the hopes of decompiling it, and don't say "aww but I want to learn from the coding, I promise not to copy", that is just as bad as copying.

Look, if you want the code look elsewhere and find one that is open sourced.
Dude why are you being so figurative
i never said anything about source code it was just a question that i thought the people here with all their experience in emulation would know...
well at least you can guess.
and i am not thinking of making any emulators if thats what your thinking.
i am not thinking of decompiling it cuz it would be almost impossible.
I was just curious about it because of it being not very processor usage consumptive.
One thing I do know though is that martin does indeed have a very good understanding of the DS and the GBA he understands perfectly. Many people use documentation he created when working on their emus.
It's written with x86 assembly, it's written on it's page on several places. Also, disassembling no$gba would have shown that (the assembler doesn't look compiler generated at all) :p
Hmmn x86 assembly eh!
should have seen that coming..
Dont you guys think its a little strange that martin quitted school when he was 20.
And learned programming which includes (the complex x86 assembly which requires an extensive knowledge into the x86 architecture) from his father...
His Father has to be a very good teacher and martin seems to have an extensive knowledge into Ds and GBA architecture...
Just who is this guy martin if he is such a good programmer and stuff like that why isn't he hired by some big software Company or why doesnt he work in a Software House...
Instead of doing a Real job which could make him money, he builds emulators...
strange well i am getting a bit off topic here.
Thanks for your reply :)
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