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A simple FF9 gameplay question

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or a gameplay let's call it "feature". In older FF (I'm sure for VII & VIII) using a tent not only restored all the hp, but also all mp. In FFIX mp are not fully recovered. Is this a bug in the great emulator or in the game or is this a feature?

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I've noticed that thing once,but it was on my PlayStation so I think it's not a bug,but it seemed to happen only in the last part of the game(memoria).
Originally posted by Rargh
This isn t a bug ^^
Here s the reply ;)

What did you say to me yesterday? That I was making short posts?
Guess I'll tell you the same thing:p
Originally posted by Rargh
final dot.
One more short post;) .(mine's short too BTW).
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