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A question for anyone who uses PhotoShop.

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Ok, I got Photoshop but the only problem is there is only 1 level of undo, I need more then just one! Is there a way to get some more undo's?
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Yes there is. If you go to Edit then Step backwards (Alt+Ctrl+Z) you can undo as many times as you like!
Goto Window>History

History panel contains more action but limit [editable in preferences].
erm... maybe it's just me or I have an old version of Photoshop (I have 5.0 LE) but I don't see the option for a "History" window...
press CTRL-ALT-Z
it will go a step backward(limit is like 20 or so)
All Ctrl+alt+z does for me is redo the last undo.
oh damn... sorry
so just keep CTRL-SHIFT down and press Z the number of times you want to make a step backwards.
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