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A question and thought for pete...

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Just wanted to ask a quick question. I was wondering if it would be possible, in some future version of your soft plug-in, to include the 'easter-egg' blurring effect available in your hardware plug-ins. My (highly limited) understanding is that with this enabled, first the software draws all polys (ie FVP), passes it to the 3D card buffer, then back to the RAM for a blur/anti-aliase pass, then back to the 3D card for display. Obviously, this takes up quite a few cycles, but I aint *****in, it works very nice. :) It just seems to me that it ought to be possible (and faster?) to alias the image before it ever hits the GFX cards buffer. Just a thought.

Anyways, can you maybe think about including some kind of blurring/anti-aliasing effect in your soft plug in the future? I was thinking that maybe just the blurring effect itself could be hardware accelerated. Or, I was thinking, maybe you could render the entire screen via software, take each frame and turn it into a large 32-bit bitmap texture and then (using hardware) place it on a single flat polygon to be displayed on screen. I was also positively thinking I dont know the first thing about DirectX or plug-ins or anything else, so feel free to put me in my place. :p

Lastly, I would like to add the usual thanks and gratitude for your plug-ins. They are, simply put, IMO, the best around. Im glad you took this up as a hobby...though I look foward one day to seeing your name on a commercial product (maybe that house control thingy?).


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Yes, it would be possible to make all kind of fullscreen blur/filter effects with
the soft plugin.

No, I will not do it myself (I don't use it myself for playing games, only to make
compatibility checks, and for the offscreen drawing stuff in the hw/accel plugins,
so I am not motivated enuff, sorry).

But hey, it's open source now, so I think that soon somebody else will add some nice
fullscreen effects, don't worry :)
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