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i can see that the team is working hard on the graphics issue.
but it seems that the speed is not improving. why does the team works on graphics only? (or not only, i am just asking).
if you want to please the crowd why not work on that too? or work on it more? (i am not attacking anyone so don't take it perssonaly).
speed has improved tremedously already, why ask such ridiculous questions, pal, do a favour and be patient, this a'nt the first emulator that has taken time to complete. Look at PS Emulator. Became no.1 after a lot of dedications and hardwork from the EXPERTS. The team works on graphic first because thats what need to be done first. As said by boistman [Because you first do accurate emulation,then optimise speed.]
no one else is asking because they already appreciate the speed in which the Emulator is progressing. Everyone wants to see it all done.
It looks like your the only mouse out there whos not pleased (sorry for mouse, its just a figurative way of speech). the team had worked already hard which everyone should be grateful for and should be congratulating the team that PCSX2 has made it this far because of their dedication. (i'm not attacking you too so dont take it personally)

PCSX2 :guitar: Rocks
Continue The Awesome Work
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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