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Emulating a system such as playstaiton 2 has got to be a pain in the arse.
Specially how the system works, it has 32 megabytes of ram and a 4 megabyte graphics card, now think about how much data must be swapped in and out of memory for a game like for say grand theft auto, or final fantasy 11 mmorpg , the ps/2 has a massive memory bandwidth(direct RDRAM connected to the cpu) to compensate for the low system ram. Now i'm sure the game programmers who optimized it made it so it could utilze high memory bandwidth and data swapping.

Now lets look at PC's i know that i have ~12gb/sec thuput of memory bandwith on my opteron workstation with the onboard memory controller of AMD64 based procerssor. Now the average pc, for say an athlon xp or athlon MP, has about 3gb/sec two way memory transfer rate, and 6gb/sec 1 way.
In order to make the ps/2 emulator work on average game pc hardware is going to be prety tricky alltho i could see caching alot of parts of the game into ram on the pc transparently without the game knowing it so it can be faster accessed , i havent really looked at pcsx code so i dont know how it works but im just posting this to show part of the delema the programmers are facing and hopfully it makes people think about it.

Also , incredible work guys .8 will be a very fun release to play around with. Its better to wait and let things get worked out than to be impatient and then be disapointed.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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