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A Question about Delta

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Eversince Delta was released it has been my choice as a frontend for ePSXe, i havent even bothered to check out epsxecutor. So i had a little question about it, is there some way to have some kind of global settings that carry over to each new configuration? Like my gamepad settings remain the same for all the games, but everytime i make a new config i have to redefine the keys. Similary i use the same bios for all the games. If i am not wrong the previous versions of Delta remembered the settings and carried them over to new configs. He He.. is this still the case with Delta 1.68 if so can someone point it to me. And if not Betamax can u plz consider implementing it in the next verison (not demanding by any means, but a kind request :) ), it would just be cool and make Delta even better. Ok so much for my rant :emb: . Any feedback appreciated.
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w00t cant wait. GOOO :bow: BETAMAX. :bow:

But what u are saying is that if i am creating more then one config, where i can copy and use it for the next one. I was thinking about some kind of global settings that carry over to new config automatically. Ofcourse u should be able to edit them in the new config.
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