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A problem with the ISS Pro Evolution 2

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hi.. i dont know if somebody can answer me, but my quisetion is that i have the ISS Pro Evolution 2 and it doesn´t work, all my games work in the VGS all of themm but this, and i dont know what to do..... i saw that maybe it´s a problem about the 3d cause VGS doesn´t load games in 3d or something like that, and i downloaded some other emus but nothin´ works.....

hope you answer me.}

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I try to play this great game in VGS to, but w/ no avail!!!
Try to use ePSXe, ISS Pro Evolution 2 works great with it!!
Re: but my game doesn´t work in epsxe...

Originally posted by mauri
well, i cant play ISS 2 in the epsxe coz´ my game is a copy, so doesn´t work in the epsxe.... what can i do for my game can be played in VGS??? :emb:
WHAT??? U fooled u w/ that, man???
ePXSe runs perfectly w/ copies, don't worry!
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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