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A problem with the ISS Pro Evolution 2

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hi.. i dont know if somebody can answer me, but my quisetion is that i have the ISS Pro Evolution 2 and it doesn´t work, all my games work in the VGS all of themm but this, and i dont know what to do..... i saw that maybe it´s a problem about the 3d cause VGS doesn´t load games in 3d or something like that, and i downloaded some other emus but nothin´ works.....

hope you answer me.}

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Use epsxe ,it works great with it.In fact most 3d games work well with epsxe.
Re: but my game doesn´t work in epsxe...

Originally posted by mauri
well, i cant play ISS 2 in the epsxe coz´ my game is a copy, so doesn´t work in the epsxe.... what can i do for my game can be played in VGS??? :emb:
Epsxe plays backed up copies perfectly,no patch needed.Check the compatibility report on psx fanatics or try searching for ISS here as I think it has already been discussed.

What problems you get in downloading games.txt from aldos site?
Re: i downloaded ePSXe and it doesn´t work....

Originally posted by mauri
i can´t believe it.... ePSXe doesn´t work... with any game... i cant play ISS ...... what can i do?????:confused:
Huh,make sure you read all the documents and help files before trying to run it.
Make sure you have bios and plugins all configured properly .Try a little,be persisitent.If it doesnt work then you post what errors are you getting.
Please dont reach conclusions so quickly.
Re: It works!!! but it´s slow..

Originally posted by mauri
finally it works but all the games are vry slow... what can i do?

everything works great but it´s slow......
What plugin are you using?If its one from pete try selecting fast mode and see what happens.Mess around with settings and I hope you get some improvement.
When you try configure your plugin you will have two options below default settings on lower left.Click on fast and then may be you can increase the resolution a little bit.
See how many fps you get.Neway what are your system specs?
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