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A problem in some d3d games under XP

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I have a question concerning some d3d games under Windows XP.

Some of the older games I have seem to be problematic with displaying graphics, and sometimes even the entire screen, even though sound indicates they're running normally.
For some games that had this problem, patches were released in the past, and sometimes there seem to be simple workarounds.

The games I'm having a problem with right now are Die Hard Trilogy 2, and Crimson Skies.
AFAIK DHT2 already had the fix for this problem but it seems not to work now, in fact I'm getting an entire black display with this game;
CS doesn't display menu texts etc, only the background. I recall this game worked just fine under XP before. In fact, it's not that old should just work..?
Maybe I'm missing some simple graphic setting here, and if anyone knows how to solve this, I'd love to hear it.

thx :)
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The first thing to try do is right click on the main game file, go into properties and click on the compatibility tab. This sometimes solves problems with games that aren't compatible or don't work well with XP.

I'll do some googling for you too.

EDIT: And Samor... what happened to your 11000 posts?
I tried the compatibility settings, and turning on/off vsync.
At least those two didn't work.

My 11k posts vanished with my previous account ;)
I also went back to blue stars because they're way cooler ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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