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a preview of things to come....

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Just wanted you guys to know that this'll be my next screenshots thread after Tokimemo series. :)
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Originally posted by Xeven
so when will it be out? :p
At the rate Keiichi's posting the Tokimeki Memorial series, probably in a month...or two...or three. :p
and he's also got to chaperon his gf for tennis! :D make that four months then..! :D
Hey! it's not that far off, y'know. :p

i've finished the second part of Tabidachi No Uta, and I'm starting on Irodori No Lovesong now.....i'm sttill playing this to get enough screenschots. And no, I wont be doing that story-telling thingy with this one ;) this rate i'm going in Sakura Wars, ill be getting Sumire Kanzaki! :eyes: :D :D :D and to think i was going for Maria Tachibana....
Maria? Bo_O! Bo_O!, I'd say go for iris but she's a kid! :lol::lol:
mmm....yeah, maybe that's a good idea, but she's the second toughest chara to get. :( the toughest one is Kanna, or so I hear.

This GBC game is different from the other Sakura Wars game in the sense that when you are presented with choices, The options are mixed up, so if you don't understand Japanese, you're mostly depending on luck to get the chara you want.
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