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This may not be possible with all games!

I posted a topic a day or so ago asking for help with RE2 PAL and the save file. Well, I kinda figured it out.

1. I got rid of the PAL and downloaded the USA iso(no biggy).
2. Downloaded gamefaqs HUNK RE2 GCN GCI file.
3. Downloaded (can't remeber off hand who made it) the GCI to Dolphin mem card converter.
4. DELETED Data_USA memcardA
5. Used the converter to make a new memcard.
6. DELETED User/GC/Date_USA memcardA(was giving me errors so I deleted it)
7. Ran the convertor to make a new memcard.
8. Placed the new memcard_a.raw into the Date_USA and User/GC/Date_USA and renamed them MemcardA.raw
9. Opened both with r1623 and Deleted everything on the cards.
10. Imported the GCI
11. Fixed the checksum
12(Finally). Opened RE2 USA with r1007(won't run with r1623 for me for some reason) and successfully ran the game.

There are probably a few things in there I didn't need to do, but it works perfectly now. Maybe this will give you guys a new way to try to import gci files or something. Meh, probably a newb way of doing it anways.
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