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A newbie's question

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what's FSAA for? and if it's a good thing, how do i enable it? (i use Lewpy's btw)
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fsaa=Full Screen Anti Alaising it a method for removing Jagged lines in 3d games
Voodoo 3 3000 w/DX 7.0 support AGP
Enabling FSAA?

You CAN'T. Voodoo 3 doesnt support FSAA. period.
GEForce, Radeon, Voodoo 5, and, I think, the Kyro card are the only cards that do true FSAA. Riviva TNT cards do "line AA", but that is not the same thing or as good as FSAA.
Yup that sums it up sxamiga.
But,keep in mind that the GeForce 1 uses software FSAA(it was done to counter 3Dfx FSAA until the arrival of the GeForce 2).
No,I don't think the G450 supports it,but be sure that matrox new top card will use it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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