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1 i) This is the solar sensor the GBA has for games which use it like Boktai the Sun is in your hands. Useless for DS emulation.

ii) Related to GBA linking. Useless for DS emulation.

iii) Related to GBA linking. Useless for DS emulation.

iv) I would think it's self-explanatory. These are all the different savetypes DS games us. Useless for GBA emulation.

2. Because games come on different types of carts, some are bigger and others are smaller, some use one method of maintaining and storing data, others use another.

3. There are not really any best settings. This emulator is not like PCSX2 where you have to fiddle in the options to get something to work optimally. If a game does not work in no$gba, or runs too slowly, or has graphical errors then there is not much you can do.

Please refer to my FAQ (No$GBA DS FAQ 2.0) stickied at the top of this board among other usefull threads and also linked to in my sig for further info and answers to other possible questions. Pretty much all my knowledge is in that thread so any answers I give you will most likely just be regurgetated info from that thread.
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