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cloudvii said:
Well . The idea can happen , but requires good setup , choosing trustfull volunteers and you can check their identity by many ways as you all know .
Yeah well... you screwed it up when you used The Great Kaiser Sigma as an example of "trustfull" volunteer... that being said, a lot of people of this place met each other... Eface and Jeg come to mind. Also Cid is going to meet another member of this place... the site may be about emulation, that does not prevent others from developing social bonds. That being said, I agree with hushy the forum should not provide a service for such a thing when you can arrange it on your own... just extra and kind of wasted work when you take into account that not many can afford the luxury of world traveling.

Kirby said:
if it's a dating service, I'm all for it :p j/k
Your loss, stripper joints don't ask for IDs in here... you know, Real Life pr0n beats your interner pr0n anyday...
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