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cloudvii said:
What about making a new service in NGEmu ?
This place is really unique for it's variety of ppl coming from every where .

What about we sign in volunteers for touristic service .

I mean let's say , Kaiser for example lives in Argentina , and Cid who lives in Holland wanted to travel there . If we made that service and Kaiser signed for that service . Cid will post that he is going to Argentina , Kaiser will prepare to meet him , and then we can make ngemu members know each other better plus , Kaiser can guide Cid to cool places (It's his country anyway ;) )
Why oh why is 'stripclub' the first thing that pops up in my mind :p

cloudvii said:
I live in Egypt , and we get many tourists . Maybe I'll be seeing many ngemu members that way :) .

So what do you think ? It won't cost anything ofcourse nor waste your time . You'll just ask for volunteers from every country and then you can open additional thread so that if someone is going to a new place , he'd say all the info (Where is he going to , date , how much he'd stay , etc. )

I personally think it's a good idea ;)
It is a nice idea, but just like Kaiser pointed out, these things can be done personally instead of in public. But I'll let you know if I'll ever go to Egypt of course :D
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