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Oh yeah if your going to use the decrypted version of kof'99 (prototype) from cps2shock this is what you do;

To have a working Kof99, you need both roms from:

- The prototype (kof99p) :
* kf99p_c1.rom
* kf99p_c2.rom
* kf99p_c3.rom
* kf99p_c4.rom
* kf99p_c5.rom
* kf99p_c6.rom
* kf99p_c7.rom
* kf99p_c8.rom

- The original dump (kof99) :
* kof99_v1.rom
* kof99_v2.rom
* kof99_v3.rom
* kof99_v4.rom
* kof99_m1.rom
* kof99_s1.rom

- The decrypted 'p' roms :
* kf99_p1d.rom
* kf99_p2d.rom

- The CPS2Shock decryption table for KOF99:
* kf99_p2x.rom

Stick all these roms a zip named in your roms folder and your all set !


I don't know whats the different with this kof'99 then the one I already have and play on the neorage, but I guess it fixes some of the grapical glitches and sound.

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Yeah so I checked it out on the winkawaks emu, and it works excellent it seems that the sounds are fixed, and on the game list you have to select the original kof'99, not the prototype vers.
Here's a pic that I took from the emu;
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