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A new Lufia game coming up?

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There's not much info, but most websites out there simply failed to mention this one.

??????????RPG???????? - ????.com

Of course, other than that, we have nothing. "The Lands Cursed by the Gods" sounds good, though. For some reason I feel that this might end up being for DS, and that concept art of the island being split up among the two screens.

No matter the console, I just hope they do something more akin to Lufia II than the GBC and GBA games. Those were horrible.
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You're right, if it's anything like the GBA Lufia it's bound to suck.

Let's hope they'll do something similar to Lufia 1 and 2. (If they really plan on doing something).
Bringing info from the netherworld(or whatever this place is supposed to be). This comes from Famitsu, to be released tomorrow:

Famitsu 11/19/09 - Phoenix Wright (Wiiware), NMH (PS360) - NeoGAF

Estpolis (Lufia) (DS)
-February 25, 5,890 Yen
-3D graphics
-Action RPG
-Has voice acting
-Developed by Neverland

And I don't know whether we can trust this one, but given the scan up there, it doesn't seem unlikely that what he says is actually true.

Lufia II Being Remade on DS ( blog, 11.18.2009)
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IGN: Lufia Remake Set for DS

IGN said:
Square Enix and teamed up last week to tease a revival of the classic Lufia RPG franchise. We now have solid details on the game thanks to this week's Famitsu.

Titled Estpolis, taking after the Japanese name for the Lufia franchise, the new title is a DS remake of Lufia II. Released for the Super Famicom/NES in 1995, Lufia II was actually a prequel to the original Lufia, so it seems to make some sense to have it come out first.

This isn't your father's Lufia, though. In addition to 3D visuals and a full voice cast, the basic gameplay is seeing some major changes. Instead of the encounter-based RPG of the original, the game is now an action RPG.

For the most part, the action takes place on the top screen. The bottom screen shows a map of the current area along with face panels for members of your party. Tap a face panel, and you can swap your current character out with a party member. It's possible to swap out in mid combo.

Boss fights change the formula a bit. When facing off against the game's massive boss characters, the action expands to fill both screens. You control your character on the bottom screen.

Estpolis looks like it has all the staples of a solid action RPG, including puzzle-driven dungeons. It already has a potential sequel, so let's hope we get a quality product!

Japan will get Estpolis in its new DS form on February 25. There's no word yet on an international release. In the event of such a release, would you prefer the Estpolis name, or should Square Enix stick with Lufia?
I kinda like the idea of making it an action RPG. The only thing is why do a remake of a game that was brilliant and change a good portion of it? Why not just do a Lufia 3?
Its being done by the original lufia teams.
There IS a Lufia 3, for GBC. It was only decent, though. And then came that crap for GBA, Ruins of Lore(made by a different team). The fact that it's a remake of Lufia II makes me happy. I loved the original.

If it does well, they might even consider going on with the series. And seriously, who wouldn't want that?
Paging Dr. Cid, Paging Dr. Cid...

Yeah, heard it is planned for release, unfortunately not much info back then, so I'm really glad to see they unveiled a bit more!! I so enjoyed replaying my first RPG again when I got a PSP. A Lufia 2 remake is going to make it VERY hard for me not to get a DS, even if it's a second handed DS Lite.

What worries me is the action RPG approach, even though I'd love it if the game would become more challenging because of it. My preferred game would be a combination of both Lufia 1 and 2 though, it'd be a shame if they'd limit themselves to just one, especially since the gameplay of the first was so sluggish, it's kinda unplayable without frameskipping.

Also, it'd be cool if they can add the original ROM to the mix, just for nostalgia's sake. :)
Wonder how they'll make the whole action thing work. Perhaps something like Phantasy Star Zero would do the trick. They HAVE to have the Ancient Cave. I loved that place. I want to hear the soundtrack arranged now. Damn, February, why can't you just switch places with December?

The reason the original is a pain to play is because of the running speed of the characters. Maxim and co in Lufia 2 ran at about 3x the speed of the charcters in the original Lufia.
I just wish so many games I wanted to play didn't come out on handhelds. Or at least had a console port. Suikoden Tierkries sounds good, I remember lufia 2 was epic, but I wish stuff like this had a console port as well.
I just wish so many games I wanted to play didn't come out on handhelds. Or at least had a console port. Suikoden Tierkries sounds good, I remember lufia 2 was epic, but I wish stuff like this had a console port as well.
Yeah, it's sad. Having picked up a DSi with my girlfriend yesterday we do have all bases covered, even though she frowned when my brother and proclaimed her she'd better hide it when this game would be released :evil:

I certainly agree about the ancient cave, they should seriously put this in and perhaps put in some reward for the Iris treasures as well while they're at it. Also, the casino should be in there in full glory. Playing illegal games at the age of 12, hehe.
Its being done by the original lufia teams.
Any bet that the game sucks. :drool:

Old teams that made "brilliant" games in the past tend to suck in todays standards.
Yep. Look at FF12
if its on ds it wont be much an improvement on the original, heck look at chronotrigger, well unless they make it 3d but then it will look and play crap...

i wish its on psp, even crappy ports, as in ff1 and 2, at leas it plays smooth with decent sound and it ends up being rendered for widescreen... but all remakes show some form improvement otherwise its not a remake but a rehash, cant they at least do something like the luna remake on psp (heres hoping it comes out in english

in all honesty i cant see why ds is so popular as when the games are in 2d, its not much a improvement over snes and when it does 3d, well ok i admit at times it does a good job but still it produces at best last gen graphics like on old psx games but with lag in transitions and lastly it produces horrible sound, aside from the voices and mp3/wave based music (well the ones that aren't heavily compressed) it produces sound at best found on snes
Sprites usually look better 6/10 of the time
Just some scans:

ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing

Looks like this could actually be GOOD, and the 3D elements could make for new puzzles involving platforming AND the tools of the SNES game. And it was already mentioned that it was 3D and an action RPG.

Also, Selena's(Selan in the original. Probably lack of room for the name back then) and Gades' new art looks amazing. Maxim's not so much, but it's not bad.
original looking characters, rather then the duplitrash you tend to see in an rpg
Selan with BLUE hair? oO Heresy...

The first image doesn't show for me :( Still certainly not bad for artwork. I remember the original so fondly though, mostly from the strategy guide that came with it.

NVM, in the original Lufia 2 Selan had different hair as in the artwork as well:

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Back in the NES-SNES era, there were quite a lot of problems with conversion from artwork to sprites. Like Tina/Terra having green hair in the game, while she was supposed to be blond. Or like Bartz having white hair and armor in the art, and became a brunette with a blue shirt(not to mention Cecil's purple hair).

Selena/Selan was just another victim of that. Much like how Maxim lost his cape and bronze armor in his transition to becoming a sprite.
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EDIT: News! There's a trailer:

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