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a new CPU or a new GFX Card??

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I like too uprgade my pc i'm thinking i got p3 500 and i want too upgrade GFX card or CPU

w/c should it be?
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Your current specs (CPU, memory, videocard) would be helpful, as well as the CPU or GPU you plan to upgrade to. Your motherboard information would be helpful as well, since it'll be hosting the new potential CPU.
U can see my specs below..........I recently upgraded Athlon 1.2.........and I have noticed great speed in epsxe and other games........but when it comes to heavy graphics I must say that it lags behind........if U want to upgrade them first go for a G-Force......but with upgraded CPU you will enjyoy working more except games.......if U only play games then go for the G-Force.......if not them CPU.......!

Well, which video card are you using now? Anything older than a Geforce would be your first choice for upgrade.
i only got tnt2 from asus.... thanks i think your right besides gf cards supports h tl i like the effects in max payne but my pc lag a lot in med settings
A TNT2 is just about right for a 500 Mhz PC. A videocard like the GeForce 2 would definitely boost frame rates, but the CPU would be a major bottleneck. Still, I think a videocard upgrade would be the best option. Also, if you were to get a new CPU then you might have to get a new mobo, depending on the chipset, which would cost another $100-$150.
I agree with Demigod79, a Geforce would be good, but your cpu would be the bottleneck of your pc. If you upgrade your cpu, surely your gfx card will be a bottleneck. That's my case. I don't want to upgrade my, cause I would have to change everything I will just stick to it until I buy a new one, and if I upgraded just one component, I wouldn't get the best performance of it.
you know i can go for gf3 but if i do that i cant buy a new cpu :(

or i go for gf2 mx then a new cpu w/c should it be

how about riser cards so i wont buy a new mobo
Firegl........I have the same 3D card as yours.......but U can see my specs below.....I play Maxpayne.......with no speed slow downs.....and at a resolution of medium........and I am pretty happy with it.......but when it come to games with heavy lags behind a bit..........well if you can go for an athlon XP......wih n-Force mobo......this way U will have a G-Force 2 card and a good new PC..........howz that.......!

Upgrade your CPU....................
TNT2 still useful it not worth upgrade from TNT2 to GeForce with 500 MHz CPU
in that case i will go to gf2mx then new cpu? this seems better right? i'll get Gainward GF2 MX 400 VIVO :)
Originally posted by Enigma1982
Upgrade your CPU....................
exactly. i have a diamond viper 550. its a tnt card. really old stuff but i also have a [email protected] and i can run epsxe at 200 fps
thats a good idea i'll spend my money in athlonXP and mobo
FireGL AthlonXP1600 at P7900 at rsuncomputers.. :p
also be sure to grab a gefoce2 gts while your at it. Geforce3 it's not but it's one hell of a card for about $70. :eek:
FireGL AthlonXP1600 at P7900 at rsuncomputers..
is that the com shop link you gave me??

thanks i got P20,000 i think its enough for new mobo,proc and gfx card(GF2 MX ???)

xeven whats your suggestion for mobo available at that shop
FireGL: Epox EP- 8KHA+ Chipset: Via KT266A .. P5500 .. :p
whoa!!! thats good how much is a geforce2 gts?
Inno3D Tornado GeForce 2 GTS PRO 64MB DDR AGP - P6800

rsun doesn't have them so look somewhere else for these and you'll probably get cheaper prices too! or wait a little bit longer till the lower prices fan-out to the local stores with the intro of the ti500 and all.. :p
Inno3D Tornado GeForce 2 GTS PRO 64MB DDR AGP - P6800
errr!! i dont like inno3d products its equip w/ slow memory

i like asus or gainward :eek: but a little pricey :(

i'll check pc house at the west ave
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