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A minor problem with GPU

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hi all !! Ive epsxe 1.40, with Pete's excellent Plug in.

My problem is that I dont know how to remove the pixels in the games (I think bilinear filtering is the name of that effect)

I have a PIII 750, 256 MB, RIVA TNT2.

I tried the OpenGL and D3D, and tried the "BEST" default configuration, but it didnt remove de pixels :(

thank you very much, to all of you, and of course to pete !! :)

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When u say pixels...
Are u referring to 2d games ones or 3d games ones?

For the 2d ones, use the filtering w/ pete OGL (extended the best but provide some tile effect)
For 3d ones, just increase resolution, use filtering (extended too) or just use FSAA.

If I can provide more help say it to me.

wow ! now its a lot better, thank you !!!! :)

only one more thingy, how to activate the FSAA ?? I couldnt found the button... does my TNT2 support it ?

thanks again !!

well, i dunno if it the tnt2 supports fsaa...
If it does..well, i s software one.

Use a tweaking program like nvmax for example (grab it at the
Or justgo in ur display properties> parameters>advanced
then u should see in the appropriate pannel if ur card support FSAA....

Even if i don t recommend it tough.
I think that a card like TNT2 is done for performances purposes.
FSAA will slow down the all...
u should nevermind but that s as u want!

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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