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A Lot Of Questions

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Hello Guys!

I just wanna ask you where and how I get the ISO and ELF files and what they exactly are. I just have the ps2 emuprogram nSX2 0.08. Please answer me iam really getting confused...
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Iso - it's an image of CD or DVD discs on your games, you can make those using nero, Alcohol 120%, DVD Decrypter, CloneCD and many othere programs, files with ELF extentions are programs for PS2, something like files with *.exe extention for PC.

If you want ISOs you should make them from your bought games, and ELFs... probably you are thinking about homebrew programs for PS2, those are in the internet, to run them your PS2 must be able to run backups (eg. by using swap trick or installing modchip) which is in gray area and because of that we are not allowed to talk about it.

Also talking about getting isos, bioses and such is prohibited on this forum.

If you haven't read [rules]Rules[/rules] I sugest you to do that. Reading FAQs can help also.
I just have the ps2 emuprogram nSX2 0.08
Whoaa! NeutrinoSX2 is sooo old. Try pcsx2, it will be better, trust me. And like KanedA said, isos are images (on your hard drive) of your cd`s and dvd`s, and elf files are like exe files. There was a site for homebrew demos (elf files) but I forgot the link. I`ll try to find it.
Sorry for bringing up again havent been on for a while!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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