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I just joined today, im new to the PCSX2 deal and was hoping someone could give me a hand.
My PCSX2 works fine with many game but im having graphic issues with
'Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen'.
Throughout the title screen and so on, it goes good, but once i start the level the graphics go nuts on me. Only half the screen shows and the color looks to be in 2 bit mode.......Its really crazy. My graphics Card is brand new also. Is there a graphics configuration i could try? Plus, does the emulator run better in 'Windowed Mode' or Fullscreen?

My specs are.......

Intel dual core E2200 2.2 gigaherts (overclocked to 2.75)
2 Gigabytes of DDR2 RAM
Geforce 8600gt 1 gig ddr2
Windows Vista Home Premium

Thanks to all that can help,

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SeraphiPod, how can you know the game works on your PC and then ask where to download the game? That's some paradox.

Anyway Mike, which version of PCSX2 are you using, and what plugins did you run it with?

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Some people edits, or pirates or does w/e they want with the game.
You know..

SS of the Graphics CONF.
I'll dl the game and try your settings,
and see if what's wrong, if nothing,
it can be just you, or your game,
or the settings.
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