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A link to FFX FMV download..allowed here??

Just saw some links to FFX CG d/l..kinda big file
but me not sure is dat against the board's rules or not:confused:
those really pretty and awesome CG sure every FF fans gonna
love it:) i allowed to put it right here.???

Oops..sorry..guess i've put it in wrong section..someone plz
move this to off-topic..thz..sorry again:p

I'll move this to off topic, as you requested. As to posting a link to this file or files, I wouldn't reccommend it. Not unless you are sure that it is 100% legal to have this file. If there is any doubt at all, please don't do it. Thanks for asking and checking, it is appreicated.:D

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What is this FFX CG???

i dont know what is it!!!
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