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Wonderful plugin...I've almost got Final Fantasy
7 working perfectly, but i'm getting boxes drawn
around the selection hand during battle.
I've tried every setting and they won't go away.
Sometimes there is part of the blue command box
drawn in with the hand, sometimes it's clear...
Here's my specs, if you or someone could give me some advice, i'd appreciate it....

Lewpy's Glide³ Plugin Configuration Information v1.33

Computer Information
OS : Microsoft Windows ME (v4.90 Build 3000)
DirectX : DirectX 8 or better installed
Processor : Intel Pentium III, 803Mhz (1 off) (00/0683)
16kb L1-I, 16kb L1-D, 256kb L2 (on-chip)
Memory : 256Mb

Core Emulator
: 02/06/2001 22:18, 98304 bytes

| Type | Name | Version | Date |
| BIOS | SCPH1001.BIN | | 11/07/1997 05:38 |
| CDR | cdrPeteAspi.dll | 1.5 | 10/06/2001 13:31 |
| GPU | gpuLewGlide.dll | 1.33 | 06/05/2001 17:47 |
| SPU | spuIori.dll | 1.4 | 08/07/2001 23:19 |

| ePSXe Configuration Item | Current Setting |
| Sound Enabled | Yes |
| CDDA Enabled | Yes |
| XA Enabled | Yes |
| XA Read Enabled | Yes |
| SPU IRQ Hack | No |
| CDROM Drive Letter | D |
| CDROM Accurate Timing | No |
| Disable CDROM Status | No |
| Disable CDROM RT Status | No |
| MDEC Enabled | Yes |
| MDEC Timing Enabled | Yes |
| SIO IRQ Always Enabled | No |
| Country | NTSC |

Board : Voodoo5 (tm)
Version :
File : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\glide3x.dll
: 02/11/2000 04:32, 329728 bytes

| Plugin Configuration Item | Current Setting |
| Active Configuration | 1 |
| Active 3dfx Card | 1 |
| Enable HotKeys | No |
| Resolution | 800x600 |
| Refresh Rate | 85Hz |
| Emulate MASK Bit | Yes |
| Dynamic Texture Caching | Yes |
| Custom FrameCap | 60Hz |
| On-Screen Display | Off |
| Frame Skip | Disabled |
| FrameRate Limit | Auto |
| System Type | NTSC |
| FrameCap Method | New |
| Draw Method | Bright |
| Alpha Blending Mode | Advanced |
| Bilinear Filtering | Disabled |
| Alpha Testing | Normal |
| FrameBuffer Access | Read/Write |
| Off-Screen Drawing | Full |
| Polygon Mode | Textured |
| Texture Windows | Enabled |
| VSync | Enabled |
| Banshee Code | Disabled |
| MDEC Format | Texture |
| Experimental Flipping | On |
| Experimental Screen Sizing | Off |
| FrontBuffer Rendering Fix | Off |
| FF7 TextureWindow Fix | On |
| DMAChain Fix | Long |

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Well, it seems version 1.34 has just come out,
so i guess i'll see if there is any difference.
Sorry, but i goofed on the glide2x.dll thingy.
All the cards i mentioned use the 3x.dll.....
But I have tried it with a Voodoo Banshee,
which uses glide2x.dll if i'm not mistaken.
(it didn't work, as you pointed out....)

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Well what the hell uses glide2x.dll then?
Original Voodoo cards?
I know i saw it somewhere.......damn....
Well, i've been testing Lewpy's newest 1.34
with FF7. The selection hand box is still there.
It's most noticable with "ALL" materia.
Try casting Cure All and you will see what i mean.
Also, Tifa's Slots Limit Break rotates much slower than it should. I'm still going through the settings, but nothing seems to fix either of these. I though you might want to know Lewpy!
Keep up the excellent work man.!

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Well, Lewpy probably hasen't seen my post....
I know it's really small stuff, and i know that
the 1.34 version wasen't supposed to fix any
major problems, but i'm still having FF7 blues...
Anyone else out there notice these things?
Or is it just me?

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Originally posted by 1up
Well, Lewpy probably hasen't seen my post....
I am [fairly] all-seeing, so I see most posts, but I don't necessarily reply to all posts as I am not always the best person to reply. Yes, that's righ. Quite often the best person to reply is someone who plays the relevant game the most, and has experience configuring plugins for it. And I don't get much time to play the games, or more likely the games are not the type that I enjoy playing :)
Anyway, like I said in the release of v1.34, there was nothing done to address game problems.
As to the selection hand having some corruption around it, that doesn't exactly rank highly on the bug list :)
The other problem, with the rotating thingy, does this happen with other GPUs? But, since I don't know the game, the location and the problem mean nothing to me :)

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The game is Final Fantasy 7 NTSC USA.
Tifa's slots limit break should spin pretty fast,
but it doesn't using your plugin.
Using Pete's D3d,Opengl, it spins correctly...
So, to answer your question...yes it works
correctly using other video plugins.
The reason i don't use Pete's is because
i have a Voodoo 5500.. and your glide plugin
is faster/better for almost all games.
You only have to play FF7 for a little while
before you get Tifa and can check the problem.
maybe 15 min into Disc 1....
Thanks for reading my post, and if there is anything you can recommend, let me know..!

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I will try and look in to it.
In the meantime, the only thing I an think that will slow the plugin down dramatically is heavy framebuffer reading, so make sure the FBA option is set to WRITE only. See if that helps.

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No, that didn't help, i tried every setting.
I'm running the game off of Isos, and the battle
screens are REALLY fast! It's just Tifa's slot limit break that is slow. I thought it might be either the experimental flipping, or the off screen drawing, since you can't even see the battle menus unless the experimental flipping is on, and you can't see the countdown clock when you blow up the first reactor unless you have off screen drawing set to full. So i though it might be related to one of these two settings, but you would know better than me!
Thanks for looking into it.

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Umm...that particular bug is something that, personally, I wouldn't complain about... :) You know how easy it is to hit a critical hit every time when that blasted slot wheel is in slo-mo? :)

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So, it happens to you too. I'm glad it's not just me. I understand what you are saying, but i just thought that Lewpy should know, because it might be a bug, or overlooked code, that might rear it's ugly head in a worse way in a different game.
If you get my meaning. I do some coding in Vis C++, and i'm always going for perfection.
And i know that Lewpy's plugin is really close to perfect now, but i always like to hear about problems, because it makes me a better programmer.
So, i figured that he might want to hear about it,
as i know i would.

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While you're here...

Lewpy, while you're here, maybe you can help me with something. Using your plug-in, v 1.33, in FF9 the battle menus show blank text, even with Off-Screen Drawing set to Extra+FBR. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: While you're here...

Originally posted by Asfaloth
Lewpy, while you're here, maybe you can help me with something. Using your plug-in, v 1.33, in FF9 the battle menus show blank text, even with Off-Screen Drawing set to Extra+FBR. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Set EXPERIMENTAL FLIPPING to ENABLED. Simple :) Set FBA to WRITE, and OSD to EXTRA+FBR, and see how that goes.
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