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A gameboy advance game that will keep you coming back for more ....

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What would be the #1 GBA game for you that would keep you playin it as soon as you got it ?

We`re talkin about like about 1 week at least , which game would you buy that would keep you coming back for more ....

So basically , what I`m sayin is what game on June 11th would you buy that would make you play it ALOT ?
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My friend, who works at sofware etc. allready has his GBA. He got it from E3 at the nintendo booth.. You had to spin a wheel and had a pretty good chance of winning one...

Oh, and here in portland, the GBA are here TOOOOODAY!!!!!!! They arrived last night at his store in the mall... the 11th... GBA here i come (later).

I... Love... my.... game... BOY ADVANCE!

na na na na!
hey... Mario advance is just Mario brothers 2, the orignial mario brothers, and a battle mode...


Oh well, its a good game, just would want to own it (much longer)... Played it too much for NES, then SNES..
The release date for the GBA was the 11th... Unfortunatly, not all stores got them then...
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