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A gameboy advance game that will keep you coming back for more ....

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What would be the #1 GBA game for you that would keep you playin it as soon as you got it ?

We`re talkin about like about 1 week at least , which game would you buy that would keep you coming back for more ....

So basically , what I`m sayin is what game on June 11th would you buy that would make you play it ALOT ?
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yeah but whats weird is that the best buy web site
has games scheduled for release on the 12th but the GBA release on the 13th

anyways, sxamiga i live in the US and i bet you never heard of the city i live in:D
well, i dont have a GBC so i was gonna do the same thing. when the two zelda games came out, im like damn im gonna have to get a GBc AND a GBA. but then i read that the GBA can play GB game and i was like sweet i'll just get a GBA now.

i think im gonna get the Indigo(dark blue) or the Arctic(white) I cant stand the new fad of making things clear so you can see through them. theres really nothing interesting inside
the store i work at is getting 32 wed. morning
Noppers sxamiga, Blue Island is in the mid west :D a little south of chicago (probably like 20 miles or so) It is neither Blue nor an Island.

but you might be plesantly surprised to find that the GBA is retailing for 89.99 (which is only 20 bucks more than the GBC) but of course if you miss one on the 13th, you might have to find one through secondary sources for more
Originally posted by CDBuRnOuT
*yawn*, only a few chains got GBAs on the 11th, including the one I bought mine at yesterday ;)
too bad those stores could have gotten in big trouble selling them before the release date
for example, when the last harry potter book came out, a store in the mid west got in trouble because like ten minutes before the store closed for the night before it came out they started putting the displays up and one of the customers still in the store bought one.
but oh well, none of the stores i went to today had a shortage of GBA's even though it was two hours after opening up
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