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1. How can I fix this problem?
Does the problem happen with different CD plugins?

2. When running movies in FF8 from the ISO they pause every few seconds, a slight stutter with both the video and sound, perhaps when the hard drive is being paged for info? Is this fixable?
Shouldn't be having stutter problems. I assume you've defragmented recently?

3. In FF7 all the text boxes are messed up, the bottom border of the boxes shows a series of vertical grey lines, there is a game specfic fix under video that does not work.
This is going to sound like a strange question, but do you have both textured window alignment (the FF7 specific fix) and special game fixes checked? It won't work if you don't have both checked.

4. In FF7 during battles the top and bottom of the screen flicker with garbage that resemble the pre-rendered background of wherever i was just before the fight.
Shouldn't you have off-screen drawing at extended? Your question may be difficult to figure out without knowing your GPU settings.
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