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I have final fantasy 9 iso'd and placed in a directory. I have four sub directorys were each cd's iso is placed. What do I do when I finish the first cd when playing the game and it asks me to enter cd 2? Also, is ngemu the best site to go to for updates of the plugins? How often do the plugins get updated? Is it the epsxe people who make all the plugins? Thanks for any info.

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If I remember correctly, FF9 lets you save at the end of each disk.. So then just save and load the game from that save with the next disk inserted..

For games that doesn't let you save at the end of each disk, epsxe has an option to "change disk".. If you aren't using epsxe executor, just press "esc" then click on "file", "change disk", then either "iso" or "cd".. Then click on "continue" in the run options.. If you are using executer then enable epsxe gui in the executor options.. Then do what I said above..

Ngemu is the best place to get updated pluggins for psx emus.. Period.. But it doesn't cover every type of emu, so be aware of that..

Whenever the pluggin authors are done(fixing bugs, adding new stuff), they release new versions of their pluggins.. Just be patient and wait for new pluggin releases.. They mostly release new pluggins every couple of months and sometimes even faster depending on the pluggin authors.. Just check ngemu everyday so you won't miss a new pluggin or emu release..

The epsxe team makes epsxe and its internal pluggins(internal spu and cd rom).. The pluggin authors, pete, lewpy, kazzuya, nikk, iori, andy, and a few others, make the other spu and cd rom pluggins as well as the gpu pluggins..
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